The Whole Story…

You need a website. A WebSite that Works.

After all….it’s almost 2009.

No matter who you are, or what your business, your website is a huge, HUGE asset for your business.

But for most businesses, that’s also where your problem lies.


The problem for most is that websites come in three varieties:

Problem 1:a complicated site written in unintelligible geek-speak code  that you couldn’t change if your business life depended on it, and so you have to wait for your “web-guru designer” to make any little change you need. For this…. you get to pay a fortune.

Problem 2: a do-it-yourself patched-up eyesore that’s uglier than politics, and nowhere near as interesting. This one costs you too, in lost business.

Problem 3: the out-of-control online billboard that never gets seen. There are precious few resources out there for people who need to learn how to control their websites… which is just about every small business owner we’ve ever heard of.

So…Are you doomed to have an ugly website that’s out of your control?

The problem is control: either the web-guru-designer has control and you don’t (and so you pay , and pay, and pay)… or you have control, and pay for it with your time (and, usually, with an ugly, lonely site). Either way, you aren’t really getting what you want, and your business isn’t getting what it needs

You want what everybody online want: an attractive website that you can update when you need to, that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, that makes those sales, that actually helps you spread your message, and that lets you talk to your visitors, and let’s them talk to you.

Is this possible? It sure is. Here’s How:

Through the power of todays open-source publishing solutions.  Specifically, WordPress.  WordPress gives you the power to manage a website with ease. It’s simple and powerful. Easy to use, loved by search engines, and almost infinitely expandable, WordPress can handle your website’s needs with ease and style.

After all, who wouldn’t want a site that’s…


You can choose the “LOOK” you like… the decision is completely yours.

We’ll give you plenty of ideas, sites to look at, and suggestions for  layouts and features that suit your Clients and your Business needs.

Want a site  you can play around with? Give a “test run”?   We’ve got some “sandbox” sites that you can play with, to see how easy it really is, so you can test it out. Just ask.

Ever been on a sites that are confusing? or Boring? or just plain Useless…so you have no idea what to do or where to go?

Of course you have. No worries, we won’t let that happen to you.

As a part of your on-going support and training, we’ll give you ideas for your content and presentation  that will help your readers, and not confuse them,  or bore them, or overwhelm them with too much “stuff”.

YOU will have the ability to edit and change whatever you want, whenever you want. No more waiting on your designer’s schedule, no more waiting, period. If you have questions, or need help, we’re just a phone call away. ( We like to do stuff fast)

You’ll also get training videos you get as a part of your package will show you how to manipulate text, images, styles, and more.

And if you really want to get  advanced, we’ll even show you how to start poking around under the hood to add all sorts of “super-ninja , magic, mondo-geeky, black-box”  functionality. It ain’t rocket science, no matter what your guru-designer says.

Want to add a stunning photo gallery? Send a newsletter? Podcast?  Blog? Video gallery? No problem.

Gone are the days…

Gone are the days of having to master code in order to make an attractive, dynamic site.

Gone, too, are the days of needing thousands of dollars in software to make a world-class website.

Everything you need to do, from changing styles to editing text to adding images to manipulating template files… it can all be done right within WordPress.

But don’t worry; if all you want to do is create a simple, easy to use site, you’re in the right place. It couldn’t be easier.
In a nutshell:

  • You choose your own “theme”, or look, and start creating your content (text, images, video, etc.).
  • We handle all the installation, set-up, and initial content details, and deliver it to you.
  • We support you with as much help and training as you need, as long as you’re a client.
  • With simple videos/audio/written instructions, you will learn how to “work” your site to work exactly how you want it to.

You get: Minimal expense, minimal fuss… maximum effect and maximum success.

and here’s the REALLY GOOD part…’s called “N E A R”

Naturally Existing Advertising Relationships

We want to feature your business on OUR sites. That’s right. We want to give you exposure and links from sites that generate lots of traffic and lots of business. Just for being our Client, and having a great site.

Why? It’s good for business. Your business. Our Business. Our clients and visitors and customers business.

Todays Web is all about relationships. If you have a great, remarkable business, we want our readers to get to know you, so they know who to contact when they are looking for your service or products. That makes us look good, which is why we all want YOU to look good.